This Journal Has Moved To A New Address

Mirror, Mirror On the Internet

So, I've decided to make some changes.  Don't fall off your seat, nothing big, just a new journal design...perhaps even a new title.  Well, for certain a new title.  I've been thinking and praying about the direction While She Was Sleeping has taken over the last year - and I like it.  (smile) I've settled into a style of writing and sharing that brings me joy.  It's never a drudge nor does it ever feel like work to sit down and type a post. What I've realized though: the title no longer reflects what this journal is really about.  Not only is my daughter awake for much of my crafting time - she's right smack in the middle of it.  This title also implies I have one child while another will be born in just a month or less.  It also reminds me of that 90's movie 'While You Were Sleeping' and the movie never crossed my mind when I plunked out the words back then.

Another area I've been mulling over is the design itself - reflecting on who I really am inside and strive to be through Christ.  Since this journal took shape last year, the Lord has changed the way I see 'Dawn' and who He is in me greatly.  It's made me more aware of my true taste and the truth is...I'm not a fan of pink or purple which are the subtle shades here presently.  I like blue, green and white with shades of grey.  That's something cool about God; when we ask Him for clarity He doesn't miss a detail.  I'd asked Him last summer to help me understand who I really am in His eyes; who He sees down the road ten years from now.  In turn, He's shown me such and threw more understanding of myself in there too.  I really don't think He can help Himself when it comes to bathing us in His goodness.  That's just being a good father.  (smile)
All this editing will be gradual.  I remember the days when I was 'blog-obsessed.' I'd sit up all hours of the night tweaking little bits of code until things looked 'perfect' only to change it all a month later.  No more.  Not only do I not have the time or energy for such - I don't want to do it that way.  I'm happy to watch it change gradually with grace just like I did.  Shawn and I, our lives were never the same when the Lord moved us from the east coast to America's heartland almost five years ago.  We'd never leave and have never looked back.  Life is beautiful here and I feel this should be reflected in my journal design or title as well.  After all, it's part of the real me too.  Stay tuned and yes, you're still on the right page when things start changing - the page will just be turning to a new sketch within the same book...

He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end. 
Ecclesiastes 3:11